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whether [Brit ˈwɛðə, Am ˈ(h)wɛðər] CONJ When whether is used to mean if, it is translated by si: I wonder whether she got my letter = je me demande si elle a reçu ma lettre. See 1. in the entry below.
whether often occurs after verbs such as ask, doubt, decide, know, say, see and wonder, with adjectives such as doubtful, sure, and with nouns like doubt, question. You can find further examples at these entries.
In whether…or not sentences whether is translated by que and the verb that follows is in the subjunctive: whether you agree or not = que vous soyez d'accord ou non. See 2. in the entry below.

1. whether (when outcome is uncertain: if):

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Преводи за whether в Английски»Френски речника

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