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I.out [aʊt] VERB trans Out is used after many verbs in English to alter or reinforce the meaning of the verb ( hold out, wipe out, filter out etc.). Very often in French, a verb alone will be used to translate these combinations. For translations you should consult the appropriate verb entry ( hold, wipe, filter etc.).
When out is used as an adverb meaning outside, it often adds little to the sense of the phrase: they're out in the garden = they're in the garden. In such cases out will not usually be translated: ils sont dans le jardin.
out is used as an adverb to mean absent or not at home. In this case she's out really means she's gone out and the French translation is elle est sortie.
For the phrase out of see III. in the entry below.
For examples of the above and other uses, see the entry below.

I want out inf!
je me casse slang
go on, out with it inf!
go on, out with it inf!
to be on the outs inf with sb Am
to be out of it inf

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1. wipe (mop):

1. hold (clasp):

3. hold (arrange):

1. come out (emerge):

9. come out (become known):

on a appris que

I.blurt out VERB [Brit bləːt -, Am blərt -] (blurt [sth] out, blurt out [sth])

I.board out VERB [Brit bɔːd -, Am bɔrd -] (board [sb] out, board out [sb])

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out → out of

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