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Вижте също: if, all-important, all-embracing, all-consuming, all

I.if [Brit ɪf, Am ɪf] CONJ If is almost always translated by si, except in the case of a very few usages which are shown below.

1. if (in the event that, supposing that):

5. if (although, accepting that):

1. all (everything):

2. all (the only thing):

3. all (everyone):

5. all (emphasizing unanimity or entirety):

1. all (each one of):

2. all (the whole of):

1. all (emphatic: completely):

2. all (emphatic: nothing but):

1. all (completely):

2. all (in the highest degree) → all-consuming

2. all (emphatic):

I.not [Brit nɒt, Am nɑt] ADV Dans la langue parlée ou familière, not utilisé avec un auxiliaire ou un modal prend parfois la forme n't qui est alors accolée au verbe (eg you can't go, he hasn't finished).

1. not (negating verb):

2. not (replacing word, clause, sentence etc):

4. not (to emphasize opposite):