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Преводи за as в Английски»Френски речника

1. as (in the manner that):

as I see it
as you were! MILIT

2. as (showing function, status):

with Lauren Bacall as Vivien CINE, THEAT

1. as (expressing degree, extent):

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2. good (benefit):

1. good (enjoyable):

15. good (competent):

good on you inf! Brit

I.little1 <comp less, superl least> [ˈlɪtl] ADJ When little is used as an adjective ( little hope, little damage) it is translated by peu de: peu d'espoir, peu de dégâts.
For examples and particular usages see I. below.
When a little is used as a pronoun ( give me a little) it is translated by un peu: donne m'en-un peu.
When little is used alone as a pronoun ( there's little I can do) it is very often translated by pas grand-chose: je ne peux pas faire grand-chose.
For examples of these and other uses of little as a pronoun ( to do as little as possible etc.) see II. below.
For uses of little and a little as adverbs see the entry below.
Note that less, and least are treated as separate entries in the dictionary.