all във френския речник на Оксфорд-Хашет

Преводи за all в Английски»Френски речника

1. all (everything):

2. all (the only thing):

3. all (everyone):

5. all (emphasizing unanimity or entirety):

1. all (each one of):

2. all (the whole of):

1. all (emphatic: completely):

2. all (emphatic: nothing but):

1. all (completely):

2. all (in the highest degree) → all-consuming

2. all (emphatic):

Вижте също: all-important, worst, thing, place, people, best, bad, all-embracing, all-consuming

1. worst (most difficult, unpleasant):

2. worst (expressing the most pessimistic outlook):

3. worst (most unbearable):

5. worst (of the lowest standard, quality):

1. worst (most unsatisfactory, unpleasant):

2. worst (most serious):

3. worst (most inappropriate):

1. thing (object):

2. thing (action, task, event):

3. thing (matter, fact):

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