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1. right (correct):

2.1. right:

am I right or am I right? hum
¿sí o ? hum
a las dos mañana ¿de acuerdo? — ¡vale! esp Esp inf

3. right (good, suitable):

5.1. right pred (in order):

1. right (correctly, well):

to see sb right Brit inf

2.1. right (all the way, completely):

2.2. right (directly):

1.1. right C or U (entitlement):

1.2. right <rights, pl >:

2. right U or C (what is correct):

3.1. right U (opposite the left):

Вижте също: serve

2. serve (help, be useful to):

3.1. serve GASTR:

altiro Chil inf
altiro lo hago Chil inf
altiro me di cuenta de queChil inf

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