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1.1. go (to move, to travel):

who goes there? MILIT

1.2. go (to start moving, acting):

go to or for it! inf

2.1. go < past part gone been> (to travel to):

2.2. go < past part gone been> (to attend):

to go -ing

7.1. go (to cease to function, to wear out):

13.2. go:

13.3. go (to continue to function):

14. go (to continue, to last out):

17.1. go (to become):

to go mouldy Brit


III.to be going to <3rd pers sing pres goes, past went, past part gone> VERB aux only in -ing form

1.1. go C (attempt):

have a go
have a go
to give sth a go Brit

Вижте също: go with, go together, go into, go in

5. go in (be learned, accepted):