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1.1. get (to obtain):

1.2. get (to buy):

1.3. get (to achieve, to win):

obtener form
obtener form

2.1. get (to receive):

do I get a kiss, then?

4. get (to fetch):

11.1. get (to understand):

get inf
¿coges la onda? Esp inf

11.2. get (to hear, to take note of):

14. get (to bring, to move, to put) + adv compl:

15. get (to cause to be) + adj compl:

16.2. get (showing an action carried out by somebody else):

17. get (to arrange, to persuade, to force):

1. get (to arrive):

get + adv compl

2.1. get (to become):

get lost! inf

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