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don't → do not

Вижте също: do2, do with, do1

2. do with (expressing connection):

1. do (to perform an action):

es lo 'in' inf
what can I do for you, sir? form

4. do (to achieve, to bring about):

2. do (to be getting along, to manage):

how do? inf, dial

III.do1 <3rd pers sing pres does, pres part doing, past did, past part done> VERB aux [Am du, Brit duː] Where do is used as an auxiliary verb, the Spanish verb on its own translates both the auxiliary and the principal verbs: she didn't come no vino; does he know?¿lo sabe?
Note that in spoken Spanish a question is indicated by intonation. El verbo auxiliar do se usa para formar el negativo y el interrogativo, para agregar énfasis, o para sustituir a un verbo usado anteriormente.

1. do (in elliptical use):

do you live here? — yes, I do/no, I don't
tell Jimwill do! inf
I won! — no, you didn't! — did! — didn't!
¡gané yo! — ¡no! — ¡que ! — ¡que no!
I love itreally? I don't
I don't like her music — I do
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Преводи за don't в Испански»Английски речника (Отидете на Английски»Испански)

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don't be such a mug Brit inf

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Преводи за don't в Английски»Испански речника (Отидете на Испански»Английски)

Вижте също: do

1. do (carry out):

2. do (be satisfactory):