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2.1. be (followed by an adjective):

3.1. be (followed by a noun):

4.1. be (when talking about mental and physical states):

6. be (to be situated, to be present):

1.1. be (when talking about physical conditions, circumstances):

2.1. be:

se sabe que

3.3. be (when expressing obligation):

mother-to-be <pl mothers-to-be> [Am ˈməðər tə ˈbi, Brit ˌmʌðətəˈbiː] NOUN

be-all and end-all [Am ˈbiɔl ən ˌɛndɔl, Brit ˈbiːɔːl ən ˌɛndɔːl] NOUN

1.1. proof U or C (conclusive evidence):

Вижте също: underproof

1. quit (give up) esp Am :

¡terminala! RíoPl inf
córtala Chil inf
to quit -ing

1.1. go (to move, to travel):

who goes there? MILIT

1.2. go (to start moving, acting):

go to or for it! inf

2.1. go < past part gone been> (to travel to):

2.2. go < past part gone been> (to attend):

to go -ing